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The largest airport in Utah is the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Interactive Utah Airports Map

This section features an airport locator map that can be zoomed and panned to show the state of Utah and its neighbors or a small region of the state.  Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to zoom the map in and out, respectively.  Simply swipe or drag the map to pan it in any direction.  At high zoom levels, the airport markers on this Utah map can help travelers find airports in the state and plan their air travel arrangements more efficiently. 
Full-Screen Utah Airports Map

FAA Utah Airport Locator Map

This Utah airport map shows FAA-designated commercial service airports, reliever airports, and general aviation airports in the State of Utah.  Primary airports are designated with an airplane symbol.

Utah airport map

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Utah airport map source:  FAA 2001-2005 NPIAS.

Utah Airports - Utah Airport Map